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Part of the Sketchy Bugs Group's "4x4 Anthology"!
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This is the story of Steven, an orphan surviving in the mean streets with nothing but his wits and some super powers beyond his comprehension, and Caro and Val, two girls -who along with their grandparents- welcome Steven into their home after he saves them from some out-of-their-mind crackheads.  

A shadow from the past, who has been searching for Steven, finally catches up to him. It will stop at nothing to take Steven down and anyone else that gets in its way.

Things only get crazier after their paths cross on that fateful night.

This is a story about magic, technology, monsters and growing up in a world where it feels like every day

might be the last.  


After a brief moment of reprieve from his everyday struggles (and a quick shouting match with Caro and Val), Steven finally comes face to face with his father's killer.

An intense showdown takes place on the roofs of the sleeping city.

Will Steven make it out of this unharmed? Or will he suffer

the same fate his father did?

The monsters of this story take center stage and only

magic and technology can save the day.


As if fighting off muggers and a being made of shadows in the same night wasn’t enough, a giant with an eye for a head comes in to the scene to wreak havoc. With newfound confidence,

Steven, Caroline and Valerie confront this new threat head on, but

will it be enough to come out of this unscathed and victorious? 

Witness how the three young heroes face off against

the last part of this terrifying gauntlet!



After an intense night of battling thugs, a shadow monster with a thirst for blood, a one-eyed giant and the

loss of loved ones, Caroline, Steven and Valerie finally get a little break at 260,000 feet from earth. 

In the latest chapter of the Universe Protectors we follow Caroline as

she tries to make sense of everything that transpired in the one

night of fate, and how everyone involved  tries to put it all behind

them, in their own way.

But not to worry. They won’t have to do it alone.

A whole new group of interesting individuals have

entered the scene and are ready to help them through it. 


There is no safety to be found, not in the shadow of the night nor in the distance between Earth and the moon.
A dormant has successfully infiltrated into Steven’s subconscious through his dreams and it’s up to Caroline, Valerie and the rest of the crew to extract and eradicate the threat.

But will they make it in time before the Dormant does irreparable



Everything is about to take a drastic change as dreams and realities

begin to collide in the latest issue of Universe Protectors!



Artbook containing Art from Inktobers past. Caution: Many of these

may have been drawn at 3am with caffeinated eyes...


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